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  1. What comes with a room?

    1. Each room type has a corresponding allowable number of guests (stay-in) and entitlement to a certain number of day visitors who, for free, enjoy hotel and resort facilities together with the registered guest. (read What is the policy on visitors or guests? when there are more visitors or guests than are admissible for free)

    2. All rooms have airconditioning, free cable television (SKY Cable), a telephone landline where local calls can be made for free (outgoing long-distance calls will be charged), a dresser, chairs and a coffee table or larger table, private toilet and bath with towels, soap, and toilet paper. Certain rooms come with a refrigerator, otherwise one may be requested for a small charge.

    3. Unless otherwise stated in the room specifications, rooms have beds with foam mattresses that are ___" wide and ___" long. Sofa beds are of the same size. With prior notice before check-in, the individual beds may be pushed together and an upper layer of foam added to make a kingsize bed.

    4. All rooms have balconies or terraces with a view and free WIFI signal (in the balcony or terrace, also in the club house and nearby areas).

  2. What time is check-in and check-out

    1. Check in starts from 2:00 pm. Early check-in is possible with prior arrangement with our room reservations desk and if the room is available.

    2. Check out time is on or before 12:00 noon. Late check out without prior arrangement with the Front office will be charged for extra hours. The Front Office opens from 5:00 a.m to 12 midnight during weekdays and 24 hours during weekends. For check-out before 7:00 a.m, you may settle your bills and arrange transport service the night before.

  3. What is the policy with regard to minors as guests?

    1. Up to two children below 12 years of age may be accomodated without extra person charges if they stay with their parents and no extra bed is used. 

    2. No minor shall be allowed to stay in a room with an adult or adults unless the adult or one of the adults staying in the room with him is his/her parent or relative.

    3. At least one adult who is a parent or relative of a minor must be booked in the room together with a minor.

  4. What should we know about Housekeeping?

    Room checking and cleaning is done once a day by our housekeeping staff. Please report to Housekeeping or Front Desk any sign of disorder or untidiness in your room. Please hang on your door knob your “Make up” room sign if you want your room to be cleaned and “Do not Disturb” sign if you don’t want to be disturbed during room checking.

     Housekeeping is open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. during weekdays and until 10:00 p.m. during weekends. You may call housekeeping for services such as to request extra beds, towels, linens, drinking or hot water and others. A laundry rack is provided for your wet towels and swim wear. Hanging these on the railings outside the rooms is strictly prohibited.

  5. Is there a charge for using appliances other than what is provided in the room?

    If a guest would like to use electric irons, hairdryers, computers, etc., charges for electricity consumption will be added to his bill.

  6. Should I turn off the airconditioning unit when I leave the room?

    We're trying to be a green hotel and to avoid waste of energy, which is a very big issues because part of our primary forest has been destroyed to drill wells for a geothermal plant. There is also talk of putting up coal firedpower plants, known to be destructive to our environment as well.

    We therefore request guests so turn off Air-conditioning units and other electrical devices (except refrigerators) before leaving the room. Management reserves the right to enter rooms to switch off the air-conditioning unit, if need be.

  7. Can I leave valuables inside my room?

    There haven't been reports of valuables getting lost in rooms here in Palmas but management cannot be responsible for valuables that you keep inside your room. Safety Deposit Boxes (SDB)are available at the Front Office free of charge. SDB service is open from 5am to 12mn only. P500 will be charged for lost keys to safety deposit boxes. The resort will not be liabile for valuables left/lost inside the rooms.

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Room and Other Restrictions

  1. Can we have a party inside a guestroom or suite?

    One big benefit that hotel guests enjoy is they can invite family members and friends to enjoy resort amenities with them. Hotel guests may entertain their visitors in the clubhouse or in one of the many huts near the lapping pool or in the private area behind the Iberian Suites.

    Private parties are not allowed inside guestrooms, however. Guests may bring in a certain number of visitors for free (2 for Junior Suites and below, 3 for Suites, 4 for 2 bedroom Cabanas and Premier Suites) but

    P150.00 per person will be charged for day visitors in excess of the allowable number. Should these visitors remain past 10:00 p.m., they will be treated as "extra persons" subject to our P350 per extra person charge.

    When food is brought into the room, there is also a P250 charge for corkage. Please note that for the safety of guests and to maintain cleanliness, cooking is not allowed inside guestrooms.

  2. Can we bring food for meals into our rooms?

    Guests are not allowed to bring food or to cook inside guestrooms. A corkage fee of P250 per day will be charged guests who bring food (other than room service) inside the room. The fee is to maintain the cleanliness of our rooms.

    For your convenience, our restaurant & room service are open from 6:30 a.m. to 12mn with the last order at 11:00pm.We also have picnic huts that you may use for eating. Charcoal grills are available if you wish to cook. You may also arrange with our kitchen to cook for you.

    Please note that Durian, Marang & other odorous foods are not allowed inside the guestrooms, even if you don't plan to eat them there. If you purchased these odorous fruit, you may leave them with the front desk for safekeeping.  


  3. What activities are not allowed in Palmas?

    Gambling, use & sale of prohibited drugs, and other illegal activities are of course not allowed. Loud or boisterous activities and activities that might disturb other guests are also not allowed.

  4. Can i bring my pet?

    Pets are not allowed inside guestrooms and they must be restrained at all times when they are in the resort premises. Some dog clubs have booked contest participants in Palmas. The dogs are kept in their dog crates in an area provided for them. Special arrangements have to be made for such a case, however. Please contact the front desk.

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Reservations, Cancellations, Refunds

  1. What should I know about reservations and billing?

    1. For an overnight stay we require full payment to confirm your booking.

    2. For 2 nights and more, we require 50% deposit of your total bookings to confirm reservations.

     3. For your functions or events such as weddings and seminars, please contact our Sales Office direct line +6334-434-8987.

     4. Send bill arrangement is only applicable for companies with approved credit line facilities.

     5. Mode of payment will either be in cash, credit cards, bank transfer and direct bank deposit to our bank account. (For credit card transactions you may contact our Front Office at +6334-433-3587 to 88 for details).

  2. What are the policies on cancellations and refunds?

    1. Cancellation must be made in writing at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled check-in date.


    2.For cancellation received at least 72 hours prior to the guest's scheduled arrival, a 10% processing fee plus a one night cancellation fee will be charged. 


    3.One (1) night deposit will be forfeited for no show and un-advised cancellation. If the booking is a company account, one (1) night contracted rate will be charged.


    4. Cancellation of group bookings (minimum of 5 rooms) must be made in writing 7 days prior to the scheduled arrival. 


    5. Refund of deposit will be processed within a period of 2 weeks. A 10% processing fee will be charged for every refund processed.


    6.Room reservations may be rescheduled without charge (processing fee) provided notice in writing is received from the guest at least 14 days prior to the date the room was to have been used. The notice may be sent by e-mail through [email protected] but for the e-mail to constitute valid notice, there must be a reply e-mail from Palmas acknowledging receipt of the request for rescheduling. Please not that rescheduling may not be allowed when rooms are pre-paid to avail of special seasonal offers. 


    7. Within 72 hours before check-in or after the guest has checked-in, should the guest shorten his stay, he will be charged a minimum of one night’s accommodation or 50% of the accommodation or package value ofthe number of days by which his stay was shortened.


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Lost Items and Lost and Found

  1. What is the policy on visitors of guests?

    Aside from the number of persons alloted per room, checked-in guests may invite a number of day-time visitors to enjoy the swimming pools and other facilities for free. Junior Suites and rooms that accomodate 3 guests or fewer are entitled to 2 daytime guests.

    An additional P150.00 per person will be charged as Entrance Fee if the number of day-time visitors exceed the allowable number of persons alloted for the room type.This charge will not be applicable if the visitors remain in the non-exclusive areas of the resort. In such a case, only the regular entrance fee will be charged.

    Visitors of guests are allowed only until 10:00 P.M. after which visitors shall be asked to register and will be charged P350 per person/night as an extra person. Please call the Front Desk for proper arrangements  

    For security reasons, the hotel has the right to refuse entry to the hotel and resort premises to any person with suspicious and unfavorable background record. Hotel guests must first meet their expected visitors at the lobby.

  2. What's the charge for a lost room key?

    A room key is issued for the duration of your stay. Please surrender the key/s to the Front Office upon check out. You may drop your key at the key drop box located at the Front Office for safekeeping when going out. Any missing room key will be charged P500.00.

  3. What happens to things that are left behind or lost and found?

    It is in our Lost & Found Policy that our employees are required to turn over to the Housekeeping or Front Office any item/s found unattended in the public area or guest rooms. We keep the item for a maximum of three (3) months before we give it to the finder, if still unclaimed. Food and other perishable item/s will be disposed of within 24 hrs.


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  1. Is there WIFI in the rooms and grounds?

    At present, WIFI may be enjoyed in the clubhouse, its poolside area, and other hotspots. The resort's WIFI signal may also be accessed in balconies/terraces of the guestrooms. The WIFI connection is free for guests and visitors of the Resort and the Hotel.

  2. Is there a charge for outside calls?

    All local telephone calls are free of charge. Please dial 9 + telephone number. National Direct Dialing (NDD) and International Direct Dialing (IDD) are chargeable to all guests. All long distance & overseas calls are charged by the minute plus handling fee. Please arrange with our Front Office for your long distance calls.


  3. What Mobile Phone Networks are Active or Accessible in the Resort Hotel?

    Smart, Globe, Sun, and PLDT mobile phone networks are active and accessible within the resort. Some indoor areas may have very weak  or no signal, however.

  4. I don't have WIFI or a laptop but I need access to a computer and/or the internet.

    Computers with internet access are available in our business office. The charge is P120 per hour.

  5. Can I send or receive a fax while I'm in Palmas?

    Palmas has fax machines in our business offices. Faxes can be received for a fee of P_____ per page. Outgoing faxes are charged P____  for a local number (034) while those that require a long distance cconnection will be charged the cost of the longdistance call plus a reasonable handling fee.

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Other Resort Facilities

  1. Is there free parking in Palmas?

    Free parking, including a small covered area for big bikes, is available in the resort.

    While every care is taken to secure vehicles in our parking area, we accept no responsibility for theft or damage to vehicles that may occur while moving or while parked on our premises.


  2. What are the resort's policies with regard to swimming?

    1. Hotel guests are entitled to use all swimming pools except for the Mediterranean pool which is exclusive for guests booked in the Mediterranean Suites, Poolside Suites, and the Garden Rooms.

    2. Guest/sshould be in proper swimming attire when swimming. Underwear and street clothes and shorts are not allowed as swim wear. 3. For guests who were not able to bring swimsuits, Palmas has swimsuits for sale and sanitized swim wear for rent.

    4. We have trained lifeguards for the safety of guests and visitors, however, lifeguards are not baby-sitters therefore children below 12 must be supervised at all times by their parents or by a responsible adult.

    5. Swimming is only until 11:00 p.m. as the resort does maintenance work after 11:00 p.m. 

    6. The 5 lane lapping pool, its water slide, and adjoining kiddie pool is not exclusive for hotel guests.

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