Palmas Del Mar Conference and Resort Hotel

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Quotes Keep up the good maintenance and don't drop your standards. The pools and gardens are perfect. Thank you. Quotes
Victoria Australia

Quotes Now I know that Bacolod there is a resort like PALMAS DEL MAR,will see if my Husband and me going to Bacolod we try to go the place.I think its awesome.Now we can afford to go your place, i see to it next time we check in your place. Quotes
Sagay, Negros Occidental

Quotes Palmas del Mar is one of the best places I have ever been to. Aside from its cozy and state of the art fascade. I like the view of the sunset since the place is over looking the sea. One can experience the tranquility of the ocean where you can sit quietly and dream. The staffs were friendly, polite and very helpful. They all had a on their faces, no matter what time of day it was there or how long they had been working that day. The rooms were excellent and the foods they served depend on your taste and were delicious and sumptuous. Most of my program implementation reviews were done here and the participants were satisfied with the place and they would say?A Home Away From Home. Best regards to Mr. Ronnie Lizares Quotes
Zamboanga City